What’s the Problem with Stormwater?

  • During construction, vegetation is often removed and replaced by large paved areas.
  • Paved surfaces keep rain from following its normal path of recharging our groundwater supplies.
  • Paved surfaces can also increase the speed and amount of water that rushed down gutters and into the storm drains which inhibits soil and water conservation.
  • That runoff picks up harmful pollutants and then flows into our rivers, lakes and streams untreated.

What’s the Consequence for Clark County?

  • Large masses of polluted water in Clark County and surrounding Ohio areas.
  • Lasting issues for the health and safety of our communities and our wildlife.

What’s the Solution?

  • Protecting the health of the streams in our watersheds preserves and enhances the quality of life for Clark County residents and all those living downstream.
  • Our office helps with the regulation and education of permit regulations set by the Ohio EPA.
  • These regulations are important in reducing the impact that urbanization has on our creeks, streams and groundwater resources of the watersheds in Clark County.

You Can Help! Make Your Own Rain Barrel

If you would like to help with soil and water conservation in our county, check out how to make your own rain barrel.

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