Technical Services

Technical assistance is provided to any landowner of Clark County requesting the development of conservation management practices. This includes the preliminary site investigation, survey, plan design and supervision of the project. Also, assistance is provided to individuals or groups of landowners with drainage problems. Common practices the Clark SWCD provides assistance with are listed below.


Contact our office at 937-521-3880 for more information regarding technical assistance.

• Grass Waterways

Soils Information

• Wetlands

• Riparian Buffers/Grass Filter Strips

• Conservation Planning and Education

• Spring Developments

• Mortality Compost Facilities

• Streambank Stabilization

Ponds & Management

• Subsurface Drainage

• System Design

• Rotational Grazing Systems

• Urban Sediment and Erosion Control

• Archive

• Drainage Records

• Historical Aerial Photographs

• Manure Storage Structures

Technical Assistance Examples

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