Clark SWCD Celebrates 75 Years of Local Conservation

The Dust Bowl era of the 1930’s opened the eyes of many to the catastrophic effects of soil erosion on our Nation. On April 27, 1935, the Soil Conservation Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Congress knew that a vast majority of the United States is privately owned and only voluntary support from private landowners would bring success to the conservation movement. In 1937, President Roosevelt empowered the states to create soil & water conservation districts to act as a liaison between the Federal entities and local landowners.


Clark SWCD was the second soil and water conservation district commissioned in the State of Ohio in March of 1942. Clark County landowners were a driving force in the conservation movement here at home and throughout Ohio. Districts would enter into agreements with the United States Department of Agriculture to provide conservation technical assistance to cooperating landowners on a voluntary basis.

Today, the Ohio Conservation Partnership is still working for landowners of Clark County by providing technical assistance to address natural resource concerns. Over the past 75 years many things have changed but our mission has remained the same to voluntarily work hand in hand with local landowners to conserve our soil and water resources for future generations.


Front row: Fred Ridder, Allen Craig, Robert Grieser

Back row: Guy Tuttle, Ross Greenwalt


Front row: Brent Pence, Brian Funderburgh

Back row: Brenna Cross, Jason Bishop, Dale Stewart

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