Every April, Clark SWCD provides tree seedlings & fish fingerlings available for sale to local residents. The species of fish fingerlings and tree seedlings we have chosen will provide you with a well-rounded variety that will fit into your pond or landscape plans. Additionally, we also offer bird nesting boxes and feeders along with wildflower seeds.


The 2017 Tree Seedling Sale was a success! Tree seedlings are available again this year. Sign up to the right or follow us on Facebook to easily stay informed about future sales and what's going on at Clark SWCD. The species available this year include:

Stay Informed

Wind Break Packet: Contains 60 seedlings consisting of 20 White Pine, 20 Norway Spruce and 20 Scotch Pine.


White Pine: A fast growing evergreen with long, soft needles. This makes an excellent tree to be used as a windbreak or for screening.


Scotch Pine: A medium to slow growing evergreen tree with bluish-green needles. This tree makes a good windbreak when the tree is young; as the tree ages the lower branches die out.


Norway Spruce: A fast growing evergreen with short, dark green needles and can reach 40’ to 60’ in height. This tree makes an excellent windbreak and Christmas tree.


Colorado Spruce: A slow to medium growing evergreen with short slivery-blue needles and can reach 30’ to 60’ in height. This tree prefers rich, moist soils; however, it is more drought tolerant than other spruces. It makes an attractive windbreak or Christmas tree.


American Arborvitae: A medium growing upright evergreen shrub which grows about 20’ tall and makes an excellent windbreak.


Douglas Fir: A fast growing evergreen with green to blue-green 1” needles with good needle retention.  This tree makes a good wind break, Christmas tree and can be used for timber production.


Dawn Redwood: Fast growing deciduous tree that resembles a Sequoia both if growth and foliage. The soft, bright green needle foliage turns to a bronze in the fall. The Dawn Redwood likes moist well drained soils and should be planted in an area that is protected from the winter winds. An excellent tree when placed on the banks of a stream.


Ohio Buckeye: A medium growing tree found native in Ohio. This tree can grow 20’-40’ in height and produce the most beautiful nut. Please be advised, the nut produced is poisonous and have been known to make some wildlife ill and often kills wolverines in the fall. Tree prefers deep, rich soils and makes an excellent addition to a naturalized area.


Red Oak: Faster growing oak with dark green leaves that turn to red in the fall. Likes acidic well drained soils and is insect and disease resistant. Makes an excellent shade tree.


Northern Pecan: A medium growing tree native to Ohio that produces an edible nut. This tree prefers rich, moist soils and will grow 70’ to 100’ in height.


Red Maple: A fast to medium growing native tree that has bright red flowers in early spring; however, it’s known more for its brilliant red fall color. This popular shade tree tolerates wet soil conditions and grows 40’ to 60’ at mature height.


Tulip Poplar: A large sized tree that can reach a height of 100’ when mature. The leaves are similar to the shape of a maple leaf. This tree produces a greenish white color flower in mid June and is commonly found in established forests throughout Ohio.


White Dogwood: A slower growing species that is mostly found in established forests as an under story tree. This tree grows to a mature height of 25’, has excellent white flowers in the spring, and has red fruit September - October that birds love to eat.


Redbud: A medium growing under story tree found native in established forest across Ohio. This tree grows 20’ to 30’ tall and has edible purple flowers in the early spring and dark green leaves throughout the summer.


River Birch: A medium to fast growing tree excellent for low swampy areas and along streams. This pyramidal shaped tree grows 40’ to 70’ tall, likes acidic soils, and has beautiful exfoliating bark and a yellow fall color.


Sweet Gum: A medium growing pyramidal in shape tree that will reach heights of 80’ to 120’ in height.  The tree has a glossy, star shaped leaf with a deep purple fall color. This tree grows on moist to wet, acidic soils and is commonly found in swamps and near ponds and streams.


Shadblow Serviceberry: A medium growing small tree found native in established forests across Ohio has white flowers in the spring, glossy and dark green leaves in the summer changing to an orange/red fall color. The service berry has red fruit in early June which is edible and taste similar to a blueberry.  Excellent tree for wildlife!


Common Persimmon Tree: A medium sized tree that can reach a mature height of 50’ to 60’ tall. This tree will produce fragrant flowers in the summer and a tasty edible fruit in the fall. This plant needs a male and a female plant to produce any fruit.


Butterfly Bush (flower color will vary): A wide spreading shrub with handsome lilac flowers that bloom all summer long.  Shrub is adaptable to many soils as long as its planted in full sun. Shrub attracts many types of insects and birds, especially humming birds.


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