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Not only does animal feces smell bad, it also contains bacteria and nutrients that can wash into storm sewers and enter streams untreated. One more reason to “scoop the poop”!


Park and wash your car in the grass. Soapy run off contains detergents and leads to excess nutrients that can run off your driveway and into a storm sewer. Consider taking you car to a commercial car wash.


Repair leaks! Spots on your driveway or garage floor indicate that the engine, transmission or radiator is leaking. Clean up spots and spills with cat litter or other absorbent materials and place in the trash.


When applying yard fertilizers and pesticides, go by the manufacturers recommendations. More is not better! Apply fertilizers based on a soils test. Rake and sweep up yard debris instead of washing or blowing it into the street. Compost or recycle yard waste.

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