Make Your Own Rainbarrel!

A rain barrel is essentially just a large drum placed at the end of a home’s guttering downspouts to catch and store rainfall from the roof. The stored rainfall is then typically used to water plants, flowers, and grass to keep a home’s landscape healthy without putting extra strain on the diminishing potable water supply, especially during those hot and dry summer months. Aside from saving water, there are other benefits to using a rain barrel system. Rain barrels prevent run-off from potentially washing harmful chemicals and pesticides into local streams and rivers. They also help keep sewer systems from becoming overwhelmed trying to drain all the run-off from a big rain shower which can help to prevent flooding in poorly drained areas. These tips will show you how to set up your own simple and inexpensive rain barrel system.


• Can be used for gardening purposes and can help reduce water bills.

• Easy and fun to use.

• Reduces soil erosion.

• Prevents storm drains from becoming overwhelmed.

• Reduces water consumption during dry spells.

• Reduces runoff by promoting infiltration and groundwater recharge.

• Protects our local streams & creeks.

• One inch of rain water on a 1,000 square foot roof will yield 623 gallons of rainwater.

• It’s an old idea that is still a good idea.

• Cost of a rain barrel $75.00, cost of conserving our natural resources...PRICELESS!

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