Clark Soil and Water Conservation District

To Protect, enhance and promote wise use of the natural resources in Clark County through technical, educational and financial assistance.

The Clark Soil & Water Conservation District is a government agency which is funded by both the Clark County Commissioners and Ohio Department of Agriculture. Conservation districts are local governmental subdivisions established under state law to carry out a program for the conservation, use and development of soil, water and related resources. Districts are resource management agencies, coordinating and implementing resource and environmental programs at the local level.


Districts work with land managers, local government agencies and other local interests in addressing resource concerns such as erosion control, flood prevention, water conservation, wetlands, water quality, nonpoint source pollution, wildlife, waste water management and community development.


As a Conservation District, we participate in implementing federal resource programs by cooperating with the US Department of Agriculture through its various agencies, the US Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency and agencies of Clark County.


In addition, we also work with state conservation, natural resource, water quality and forestry agencies, and county and municipal governments.


Districts are a bridge between federal, state and local resource management agencies and local land managers, performing a variety of functions in coordinating and implementing national and state resource programs.

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